Hi, I'm Rahul Agarwal

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Welcome to my space in the Internet world!
To get interesting updates on my innovative "projects" and new "ideas", follow my website. I always follow KISS formula - Keep it simple silly

About Me

An innovator, an explorer and a geek

  • Name: Rahul Agarwal
  • Job: Freelancer
  • Age: 18 Years
  • Hometown: Agra, Delhi

I am currently pursuing my B.Tech (1st Year) for Galgotia's College. I enjoy playing with Hardware and Software. As a matter of fact, Hardware and Software modification is my playground.

I have made an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm which got recognisaiton from MIT, USA. In addition to that, I am involved in various other community programs like Google Developer Group (GDG), Intel Makeathons, eChai programs, etc. I also enjoy sharing my learning with enthusiastic learner across the globe.

In a nutshell I am explorer, innovator and a technological evangelist.

My Ideologies

Ideologies are multiple. Mine are selective


Talk is cheap. Show me the Code


Your Network is your net worth


Your work should be different, not indifferent

My Skills

My strength is defined by my skills






Data Visualization

Take a look into my life


My education path so far

  • St. Georges College, Agra

    Primary - 2001 to 2013

    Studied till 10th in this school.

  • John Milton Public School, Agra

    Secondary - 2013 to 2015

    Completed secondary education in this school.

  • Galgotia's College of Engineering and Technology, G. Noida

    Bachelors - 2015 to ____

    Pursuing Bachelors degree in Electronics and Intrumentation.

My Experience

Places where my skills where tested

  • Sammon Business Solutions

    Internship - 2012 to 2012

    Six month long Internship in Sammon Business Solutions as a Web Developer and Designer.

  • India Open Data Assosication

    Hardware Designer - 2015 to ____

    Hardware Developer and Designer in India Open Data Assosication.


Rumors and facts about me

"You are a keen learner and doing good job in such young age. Keep the Good Work going :)"

Kapil Khanna


Genius from the city of Taj Mahal

Eric Smitt

CEO at Eric Internationals


Have a look at my playground

  • smart vision using deep learning algorith
    view project
  • customised 3d printer
    view project
  • diy air monitoring device
    view project
  • enviroment monitoring kit
    view project
  • drone for traffic monitoring
    view project
  • deep learning book
    view project
  • stream torrent easily
    view project

Contact Me

You can message me to discuss on a project or just to have a good talk

30, Nehru Nagar
Agra 282002

(+91) 987-153-1110